Old-school projects and more poor photography

Monday, 30 January 2012

I've had the same worthless laptop for about 3 years now. At the moment it has sellotape attaching the charger to the computer, if it moves a millimeter the laptop goes point-blank and struggles to return to its normal state until it is re-united with the ol' sellotape once again. So, you should always have sticky plastic at the ready just in case your laptop hates you as well. 
But anyway, because this piece of brainy junk has lasted me so long I've managed to save all of my old baking projects onto this computer without a problem. I thought it was best i blogged the pictures sooner rather than later in case the bastard decides to spontaneously combust on me one day. 

Pecan Tart 

Blackberry Gateau 
Profiterole tart with creme anglaise and caramel 
Vanilla cupcake and sugar biscuit 
Mississippi mud pie 


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