Konditor & Cook Review and London Borough Market

Sunday, 11 March 2012

As London’s weather happened to be really good today, I decided to take a trip to London Borough Market with my boyfriend. It was bloody packed. Borough Market sits in the centre of London Bridge and is a 2 minute walk from the London Bridge station; it serves local and beautiful fruit and vegetables, and various food stalls selling anything from authentic beef to Ostrich. We had the pleasure of eating a cheese and potato lunch served with wild garlic, this doesn’t sound very appealing but it was to die for - and the queue was humongous!
Konditor & Cook Black Velvet Cupcakes £2.75
Konditor & Cook Magic Cakes £2.95
We also bought 3 ‘Curly Whirly’ Brownies and a ‘Black Velvet’ cupcake from Konditor & Cook which is a small bakery chain set up in several areas of London. They tasted delicious, and dare I say it but I think I preferred their cream cheese frosting to Hummingbird’s! There was something natural in the taste of their products; after all they do pride themselves on using nothing but organic and free range ingredients. I think you should all take it upon yourselves to visit this boutique style chain, or even just visit the Borough Market and see why it’s so famous! 
Konditor & Cook Curly Whirly's £2.30


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