Chocolate [Easter ish] Cupcakes

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Caterpillars…chicks…oranges and dusty white red roses – I’m convinced it doesn’t get much more eastery than that! These cupcakes were an experiment of creativity! And this was all I managed to come up with. This recipe uses a double quantity of the Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe, but I used a vanilla pod instead (which, by the way makes all the difference!) and a delicious no solids chocolate buttercream!

The buttercream uses:
250g unsalted butter (Lurpack)
450g icing sugar 
50g Cocoa Powder (Green & Blacks)

I fell short of cupcakes at one point and ended up with much more buttercream than I bargained for, that’s what I meant when I said that these cupcakes were an experiment of creativity (it weren’t a reference to my poor fondant creations) because it led me to giving the cupcakes a double rose swirl on top! The turnout wasn’t as ugly as I’d imagined!

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Sugarflair Holly Green Catterpillar 

Sugarflair Holly Green Coloured Caterpillar 
Green & Blacks Chocolate Buttercream & Peach Americolor Paste
Green & Blacks Buttercream
Mbakes x


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