Cake Pops!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Yellow Candy Melts 
London was scorching today - what perfect weather to make cake pops! Sort of. Here is my first ever attempt! I made a quick drop in to one of my favourite cake decorating shops to pick up some cake dummy's for the two tier wedding cake class at Faircake today. When I walked in I was drawn in by the fountain of candy melts they had before my eyes! I knew from that moment that I had to ask the man behind the counter for the cake pop recipe for success. 
To make the cake pops I baked two 8" cake tins worth of Says Sugarcraft chocolate cake and then used a blender to turn the cake into a fine crumb. I then whipped up a 500g batch of buttercream and slowly added all of the crumbs to the mixture. After which I moulded each cake pop, stuck in the sticky and dipped each little ball into the candy melts! 

Bottom Right: Betty Crocker Red Sugar 
Middle: Betty Crocker Red White and Blue Sprinkles
Right: Peanut Butter Flavour Candy Melts Left: Yellow Candy Melts


  1. They look amazing, where did you get the candy melts? I made cake pops recently but used chocolate to cover them instead, they are delicious but ridiculously sweet!

  2. Thank you! I got my candy melts in a cake decorating shop in eltham :) But you can buy them online at the place i work here
    at the moment we have the most gorgeous baby blue in stock! they are sickeningly sweet though, but were well fun to make!


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