Primrose Bakery; Covent Garden

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Vanilla Cupcake from Primrose Bakery 
A distinctive choice to take my Nikon up to London with me today has led to another cupcake related review. Firstly let me start by saying this will be the last Nikon featured post, as within the next couple of days I will have purchased my new baby, the Canon D60 18-135mm!!!! Major excitement happening inside of me right now as this is my first actual big purchase EVER on the planet earth as a female named Emine. 
Inside Primrose Bakery 
Queue Primrose Bakery. Primrose Bakery, to me - has some faults. For example - try to put this into perspective - two middle class women sitting at home bored out of their skulls thought it would be a good idea to turn their hobby into a new career - all is well and good, let the ladies pursuit their 'passion' right? Well, no. Not if their bakery is hot off the press and sitting in some of the most elite areas of London, and getting praise for something that in actual fact - they're not very good at (only in terms of taste). And why are they so hugely popular? Well, because they have the money to be. They have had various affiliations with Jamie Oliver, not to mention two successfully published recipe books! It simply upsets me that talent is not the forefront of meritocracy - money is.

 For Primrose, style comes before taste, just look at the fact that their first book contains step by step instructions on how to ice a cake as opposed to step by step instructions on how to get the perfect cupcake. 

After having a nibble on their signature vanilla cupcake today, I was put off. It didn't wow me in any instant. It was milky and dry with zilch tenderness. Nonetheless, there are some great things about Primrose to mention, the staff were so lovely and helpful, they squeeze out some great coffee - and their cupcake style is quite something, the pastel buttercream's work very well with the interior of the bakery, even if it does slightly rip off New York's Magnolia Bakery... 

PS. Please note that I am still a massive fan of Primrose Bakery, and will always love their work - this post was published to merely outline some areas that I may not agree with. 

Outside Primrose Bakery 
Mbakes x


  1. Looks good this bakery and that cupcake is just so beautifully made!

  2. I totally get what you mean, I think the way a cake tastes is equally important to how they look. If one is bad then it ruins the other, if that makes sense aha x

  3. @Naomi, exactly!! i'm so glad you get where im coming from - have you tried their cupcakes? hummingbirds do poo all over them....x

  4. Sorry I never saw this! I haven't sadly, but I have been meaning to go there for a while, I might still go to compare :) x

  5. Thats okay! Deffo go and lemme know what you think/thought :) x


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