Ben & Jerry's Flavour Launch

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Right: New Ben & Jerry's Flavour Left: I just don't know
That feeling of having so much work to do, and only a week to complete it, is dire. But a horrific feeling perhaps, is when you are told you have an extra deadline which you had not the blindest idea about AND its due in next week. Has that ever happened to anyone? This happened on the same day of the Ben & Jerry’s Flavour Launch by the way, if I didn’t have an unhealthy obsession with B&J I most certainly would have ran home after lecture and buckled down to a bit of nonsense uni work instead of walk half a mile from Great Portland Street Tube Station to a massive glass building filled with office cubes and sore bums. 

I don’t usually attend these PR thingy’s out of fear of not knowing anyone and having to engage in forced awkward conversation about my blog. When I went to this PR event last night – low and behold – it was EXACTLY like that! Perfect. I was the first to leave, making the situation even more painfully awkward.

I really enjoyed speaking to the PR girls themselves. Especially Woody Cow! Yes, she was a PR girl in disguise. Cor, and I thought I was gonna meet the man who invented Phish Food! My favourite part of the night was <s>the goody bag</s> tasting the all new awesome flavours that are about to hit UK giants such as tesco etc. Ladies and Gentleman, hold onto your consumer seats and get ready for the the tastiest ride of your life – it includes Peanut Butter and Vanilla Ice Cream with a Raspberry Jelly Core AND Blondie and Brownie and Blondie Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Core! 

HFSKHFSUFASHFKHSIHJAFSIFSDJ. Seriously though, I was expecting the Red Velvet Cake variation. 
Nails getting did
MOOOOVELOUS Ben & Jerry Nails
Some disgusting sarnies 
On another note I wanted to share with you a few pictures I took of a cake class at Fair Cake, hope you enjoy!
Present Wrapped with Peony Cake
Last weekend Pamela McCaffrey
Present Wrapped with Peony 

OH, and.... Happy Belated Valentines!

Love Em xx


  1. oh my days, brownie and blondie ice cream with a salted caramel core?! YUM

  2. I think there is a red velvet Ben & Jerry's already, never seen it in the shops though. I love Ben & Jerry's, would've been too busy eating to talk to anyone!!

    1. Yes there is but it's not in the uk yet! The lovely boss man said it would be soon, but he didn't give much away!

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  4. " Blondie Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Core! "

    This sounds like my future go-to ice cream flavour! And those cow nails were very a-moo-sing. ;P


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