Stroke Association Charity Cupcakes

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

These vanilla cupcakes were made to sell tomorrow at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich at lunch time. They were made for the Stroke Association Charity which will go towards bettering the stroke wards. I have never made 50 cupcakes in one go and can safely say my back bloody hurts! Me and my sister tried to theme the cakes in the style of the Stroke Association colours! She is currently on placement at the ward hence the cupcakes. The recipe used is simply 175g of flour, margarine and sugar. Plus 3 large eggs and 1 tsp of good quality vanilla extract. The buttercream recipe can be found in my previous Vanilla Cupcakes post! 

Sugarflair Grape Violet Buttercream
McCormick Yellow Buttercream

Sugarflair Navy Blue Buttercream

Mbakes x


  1. They look amazing! I'm sure you're going to raise lots of money and what a great cause! You will have to do a tutorial on your icing technique too :)

  2. Thank you Emmy!
    What a great idea for a blog post, I'm deff considering trying it out as a picture tutorial :)

  3. Also, saw that you were featured in Company mag, congratulations!!

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