Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2012 & A feast for your eyes

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet / sweet and simple grapes from the Turkish Food Centre / homemade Eggs Benedict with fried egg, not poached - for the inept egg-makers
I've noticed a slight pattern when it comes to my ‘months in food’ – all of it is almost always bought or ready-made!  How blasphemous of a food blogger, to show her small circle of readers what she eats on a day to day basis and for it not to be homemade?! Appalling. But let’s be honest, who has the time to eat well and wholesome every day? I certainly don’t, nor does my budget.  September was a lovely and autumnal month and the start of October has shown that all of these browns, oranges and deep yellows that have appeared out of nowhere (such as the leafy table-pieces on the TV) fit RIGHT into place. I thought it only a coincidence that this month’s Instagram photos were mostly taken under tungsten – esque light.
A feast for two - need I say more? / vanilla cheesecake at the Wolsely / Sainsbury's all butter shortbread 
So anyway, on Thursday I stomped along in my high heels, which only ever come out on very special occasions, to the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards! Needless to say I didn't win my category, the blogger who did however, knows her way around the camera like it was made of pastry – which I’m sure she knows plenty about! Poires Au Chocolat – well done, your blog is an inspiration! For those of you unaware of her talent don’t be afraid to click over and drool.

Aside the awards ceremony, I met some fabulous people there that I simply cannot shy away from mentioning! Meg, the lovely lady behind MegsBudgetBoutique, Beth from BeautyThrill and lastly Jenny from 10BlankCanvases.  Fashion, beauty and nails – something I know very little about but these three girls pull it off so well that it would be a crime if they weren't nominated by Cosmo. I'm still to find the whereabouts of more pictures of the night, but they will be posted straight away when I do!

It would be rude not to thank Cosmo & Next for everything, especially for the cocktails and never ending goody bag. You can get a full list of the winners here! It would also be rude not to thank who ever nominated me to get that far in the first place, I owe each and every one of you your favourite baked goods.
Beth, Meg & Me!
Love Em xx


  1. What an honour to be voted for the Cosmopolitan awards, looks like you enjoyed yourself x

  2. yes yes i did miss flash! :)

  3. Hehe I can't quite imagine what a camera made of pastry would be like.... maybe I should try and make one! (Though, to be honest, I get enough flour etc on it in the kitchen...). Thank you for the lovely mention - sorry we didn't get to meet on the night!

  4. You're very welcome! congratulations on winning - it was a shame we didnt get to meet!
    i may invest in a box of latex gloves, that way i can get less flour on the camera!

  5. thanks for sharing...


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