Thursday, 6 September 2012

Absolutely Starving!

With work experience at Goodtoknow starting next week, and this beautiful coffee shop/independent supermarket/bakery/patisserie/salad bar AND carvery place opposite London Bridge train station just standing there inviting us all in with its gorgeous cake display and wondrous wooden interior - it would be rude not to pop in every morning before making my way over to Great Suffolk Street round the corner, right? Right. 
And this place, despite being directly opposite London Dungeon's - really isn't that easy to spot. Absolutely Starving! is located inside a walkway on the very side of the road in London Bridge - perfect location! But with ugly stone blocks blocking its beauty - brilliant. 
But still, if you have an eye for discreetly scrumptious food dens, this one is out of this world. To list, so far I've only tried their roast chicken baguette, cappuccino and triple chocolate brownie but that is more than enough to make me want to spew pretty words at this place. 
Sit back and drool over some of the traditional snacks they sell, maybe it'll be enough to convince you to look behind that ugly stone wall... 
Pear Tart - Absolutely Starving!
Double chocolate brownies from Abstarv
Lemon Cake Slice - Absolutely Starving
Love Em x


Miss C Flash said...

What a lovely place to pop over for lunch. Enjoy your work experience x

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