Tuesday, 4 September 2012

My Summer in Food

Arabic Lipton tea/Cappuccino/Eggs benedict/IKEA meatballs & mash/Freshly brewed coffee at boyfriends/midnight Lotus biccy's at boyfriends/midnight B&J's at boyfriends/chocolate & salted caramel Pinkberry with every chocolate topping/Peggy Porschen's red velvet & chocolate cupcakes
Do you know what the best thing about this laborious English summer weather is? If you want to you can make it feel like Christmas all year round, isn't that bloody fabulous? Every day for example, I wake up and think "It's Christmas weather, therefore I am happy" You get to translate all of that cloudy doom and gloom into festive cheer, and the best part about it is (for us Britons that is) - its all year round! 
You might be reading this and thinking, what the hell is she talking about? Why does she think it's always Christmas? Well... I don't, obviously. But I do LOVE christmas AND winter weather (winter clothes more than anything), so for me, when I wake up in the morning and its mid July and I'm having to squeeze into my waist 28 Topshop jeans (the ones that don't actually fit me but refuse to believe it) as opposed to a skimpy H&M dress, I am happy, cosy and warm and this is perfect because there is nothing better than not having a sweaty bum when sitting on public transport. I guess it's that link between warm clothes and Christmas that make me think about it every single day. Oh, and also the festive baking creations that have already started to pop up on Pintrest.
So to round off the summer, as we ease into a chilly September, have a look at what I ate during those summer months in Limbo. 
PS. You may or may not have noticed but I've yet to jump on the dieting bandwagon, maybe a 2013 new years resolution....? 

London painting/boyfriends photography/London 2012
Love Em x


  1. Love the cupcakes and the mash and peas picture. Delicious x

  2. standard ikea mash, peas and meatballs! best 3 pounds ive ever spent x

  3. Ikea meatballs rule! And that eggs benedict looks fabulous.

    1. Can't actually decide which one I enjoyed most!!

  4. Haha this is so funny, I am so with you - I love Christmas and our weather is perfect for it! As soon as it's cold I want to watch 'A Muppets Christmas Carol' and I feel so much more comfy in my fluffy boots and big jacket!! I'm also ashamed to admit I can join you on the ikea meatballs this summer, I also went a second time and had an Ikea breakfast - on my own - the shame! Diet Schmiet I say x

  5. @Louise - I'm so glad someone is with me on this one! My christmas films have to be those starring Tim Allen...
    Theres no shame in your ikea story! I actually went three times this summer, so have an after picture of the meatballs and mash...not very apparizing but would gladly send you the pic if you wanted it ahaha x


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