Sky Sports Cupcakes

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Americolor Electric Green rose swirls 
I’ve spent the last few months telling my boyfriend, with a promising look on my face, that I would bake some cupcakes for his work. After listening to myself consistently repeat the same sentence “I’ll make them tomorrow!” I knew it was time to stop procrastinating and start being a girlfriend that sticks to her word, it’s difficult, I must say. Luckily the time came around (with great luck) that I had a few spares baked up at work for the pirates and mermaids class, and since the class finished on time I had just enough time to get creative and still manage to leave the workshop at 6!

The most annoying thing about these cupcakes was deciding on decoration. Russell works for Sky Sports, so this meant something green and sporty, along with the clashing combination of red and blue? Yum. My fondant modelling skills are painfully dire, and I ended up moulding what I thought were rugby balls, but it turns out, they’re actually American footballs. This is the perfect misunderstanding of sports, considering Sky Sports doesn’t cover American football, so my modelling work was pretty much pointless.  Oh well, the cupcakes were still well received which in vanilla essence, is all that matters.
The recipe used for these cupcakes can be found in the Vanilla Cupcakes post, or if you cant be bothered to go all the way over there - just think to yourself, 3 eggs, 1 cup flour, half cup sugar, 1 tsp of vanilla and BP and voila. 
Sky Sports Cupcakes - Americolor Red Red & Navy Blue 
For the buttercream, I used Americolor Electric Green for the sporty cupcakes. For the more flowery counterpart; I used an Americolor Red Red for the flat tops, teamed with an Americolor Navy Blue.
Love Em xx


  1. Your cupcakes are beasutiful - you've clearly learned from the best :)

  2. Dear Emine, You have a very beautiful site. These cupcakes look so pretty and colorful...better than the bakery! I do hope you will visit soon. Blessings, Catherine

  3. These are beautiful! Omg *drools* lol By the way, thanks for stopping by my blog.. The bracelets and my online store are going to be available on Sept 30. Hope you can drop by.. ;)

  4. @mixingbowl, I really think you should take the day off work and come to Faircake one day!
    Thank you Catherine, it means a lot.
    @cutedumpling thank you for the follow! Will keep on the look out for that black and gold bracelet! X

  5. These are so cute! Love the little American footballs...even if they were supposed to be rugby balls! I'm sure they were appreciated! :-)

  6. Luckily I didn't find any lying around in my boyfriends car, which hopefully means they were all appreciated + ended up in someone's stomach!
    Thank you Laura x

  7. Beautiful swirls! I don't think it matters if they're american footballs, it's still sport and they're cute.

    By the way I've nominated you for a little award over on my blog. Don't feel pressured into passing it along if you don't want to. Just letting you know that I like your blog :)

    Here's the link to my post:

  8. Hi Jo, thank you so much for the award! I will return the favour this week !
    very sweet of you, you have a great blog.
    I will be doing a rose swirl tutorial very soon also, so keep a look out :)


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