Friday, 19 April 2013

No Fuss Pomegranate Juice

Spring has finally landed in dreary Britain, the forecast promises just 2 rainfalls per week as of now. Everyone’s mood is sufficiently uplifted and there are crazy cats in the shopping centre wearing only tshirts, linen “man” trousers and flip flops.

Something that fails to fit perfectly into this new bout of good old weather is the recent epidemic of measles - whoever said the jab should no longer be mandatory must...what were you thinking?! But anyway, a trip to the Turkish Food Centre to nurse my sister's flu (at 25 she is fully vaccinated from measles so I have no idea where I’m even going with this) obviously turned into me purchasing some really pointless items like honey (hate toast) and 2 for £1 pomegranates. I called mum over to cop a feel, they mostly felt soft and bruised so I was sceptical of this generous offer. She confirmed.

Luckily we managed to find 2 huge ruby gems hiding in the back baskets and immediately I started having these perverse fantasies where I was juicing these huge pomegranates with my £6 hand blender and putting 2 fingers up at the guy who decided to price Pom at £3.

Please excuse my weird fingers!

The Recipe:
Makes 1 serving of pomegranate juice. So, 1 pom = 1 cup of juice.

1 large pomegranate
1 ice block
Ice cold water

Special Equipment 
Old chopping board
Large knife
Cheap hand blender
Measuring jug

Note: You never really know whether your pomegranates will turn out sour or sweet. So if they are sour, adding a teaspoon of sugar before blending the pips should do the trick. 
Pomegranate goodness
The Method:

On an old chopping board, cut the pomegranate in half (lengthways) using a sharp knife.

Cut the half segments in half so that you have quarter cuts of pom.

Either peel the skin off the segments with your hands, or if its too tough, gently peel back using a knife.

Remove the pips and put them into a deep measuring jug with a block of ice (along with sugar if your pips taste sour).

Pulp the pips down to a thick froth using a hand blender, some pips and bits of pip skin should still remain.

Place a sieve on top of your serving glass and gently pour the juice through the sieve and into the glass, making sure not to spill any if you're using a large sieve.

Add ice cold water to taste, the more water the more diluted the juice will be so try to add as little as possible.

So when I wrote this I didn't realise there would be a thunderstorm 3 days later... 

1 pomegranate = 1/2 cup pips
Love Em xx


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    1. thank you! i use twitter mainly, i shall find you on there!

  2. I echo the above comment, just come across your blog and really really love your recipes, especially the Turkish influence/spin you have too. I would love for you to do a post on your food photography method, your photography is lovely! I hope you do!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, although my photography still has a looooooong way to go!
      looking forward to reading your blog x


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