Leon Restaurant Review

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Leon Restaurant is a revolutionary fast food chain that promises to be ever growing... But how comes I have only ever stumbled across one in only the somewhat elitist areas of London? Luckily for me I have one in my local shopping centre, Bluewater, and also luckily for you this is not a boring rant about social inequality mixed with poor dieting mixed with mc Donald's.

Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend and I had Leon for lunch and George Clooney for dinner (everyone should go and watch the Descendants as soon as they can).

Everyone should go to Leon's. They should replace that cheap quick fix KFC hit with a bloody Leon's! It's only about 25% more expensive, but you get mountains more flavour for your money and a gratified feeling worth the extra 2 pounds after you've finished your meal.

A personal favourite is the Moroccan Meatballs. After speaking to the chef in Leon today he told me that virtually every Leon recipe uses their Aioli sauce - a creamy white garlic yoghurt. The taste is fresh and tangy and refuses to leave you with bad breath!

The thing about Leon is they've got in on point with their herb ratios. Also, they give you a helping of brown rice to compliment your meatballs, the rice appears like a dull and bland component to your juicy meatballs at first, but once you've tucked in you'll soon fall short of complaint because it's so wholesome. It has a real wheat taste to it, one that will make you appreciate those healthy food substitutes that we all dread!


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