Friday, 18 January 2013

No Bake Chocolate Fridge Cake

Chocolate Fridge Cake
It has taken snow to fall on England for me to prepare a post for this blog - awful, I know, I’ll slap myself on the wrists later!  The past week has seen my laptop crashing with countless tabs open containing brownie upon brownie. Brownies with golden syrup, with Ferrero Rochers, brownies with white chocolate, and even Oreos - you name it, I’ve drooled over it. Although these (regal) fridge cakes are not brownies, they were born out of a desire to incorporate chocolate into something that kind of resembled one; sadly, at 1 AM the brownie necessities were not at arm’s length L.

I’m not exactly sure why there are eggs in this fridge cake, my conclusion is that the addition adds a binding quality to the cake/bars which subsequently meant that they were much, much easier to successfully cut with a hot knife. 

The bars were adapted from The Chocolate Hog - I am more inclined to bake from people sharing recipes that have been passed down their family, I get a sense of trust from it and that it will hopefully produce a better product.

Next time (if ever), I might stick to the more basic recipe of ‘fridge cake’. Maybe throw in a few digestives… and leave out the raw egg. Also, the use of icing sugar gave the cakes a buttercream quality; I think using caster sugar instead would add a bit more texture to them. Overall - a tasty snack. BUT stay away from these chocolate fingers if you are expecting, nobody wants a salmonella bebe! 
The much needed teeny sieve 
The Recipe
450g icing sugar
2 eggs
110g dark chocolate
225g un/salted butter
2 level tbsp brute cocoa powder
2 tsp vanilla extract
305g Rich Tea biscuits

The Method

Over a double boiler gently heat the chocolate and butter until silky smooth.

Meanwhile, in a little bowl whisk together the eggs and vanilla extract and set aside.

Put the Rich Teas in a heavy duty plastic bag and bash away with a rolling pin until you get a mixture of fine crumb and rocks of Rich Tea.

Take off the heat and pour in the icing sugar and cocoa powder, then stir until thick and consistent.

Stir the egg mixture into the slightly cooled chocolate and then add in all of the biscuits and mix until evenly distributed.

Line an 8 inch square tin with parchment and pour in the mixture. With a hot palette knife, smooth over the top until nice and level.

Cover the fridge cake with foil and place in the fridge for a minimum of 2 hours and/or overnight.

Enjoy with a cup of tea and a generous dusting of cocoa atop.
Chocolate Fridge Cake Bars
Chocolate Fridge Cake Bars
British snow fiends, were you disappointed with the snow too?! I wanted MORE!
The almighty British snow 2013 
Do you have any fridge cake recipes to share? I'm on the hunt! Love Em xx
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