Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Buttermilk Mini Cakes with Passionfruit and Lime Frosting

I’ve finally risen from the dead after three weeks without posting anything on here, but it still feels as though there are cobwebs in the cracks and I cannot wait to get this “thesis”/”dissertation”/ life engulfing piece of shit out of the way so I can return to baking. Even if its just a crappy packet mix I’ll take it ! 

In aid of my non-existence recently, I thought I’d pull out some photographs that were hiding in my computer. In March I doused mini cakes in passionfruit and lime curd, the results basically confirmed why the mini cake trend has basically gone Pinterest viral. 
The recipe for the cakes is from my lovely boss at Fair Cake, she wrote a whole post about it here, it’s worth having a look at because a) her cake decorating skills are mental and b) the mini cakes sponges are laden with buttermilk. 
I used a simple crusting buttercream to sandwich the cakes together as well, this sorta frosting kinda gets more gross as I get older, which is a shame really, because sometimes it can create the perfect finish. 

I promise to come out of my cocoon soon! 

Love Em xx

Mix 500 grams icing sugar to 250 grams unsalted butter, plus five tablespoons of curd. 

Bake the cakes in a rectangular baking sheet, cool and chill in the fridge overnight and then use your largest cookie cutter to cut the rounds. Layer with dollops of frosting, followed by more curd. 
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