Wednesday, 27 August 2014

No Churn Tahini Ice Cream with Mulberry Molasses

It’s been a long and unexpected break from blogging. One that, lets be honest, I should have wrote about before making the rude exit.  I’ve learned that real-life panic settles in roughly two months after finishing all of the studying it’s possible to do in the UK before exhausting your loan options. 

My pre 9-5 panic made me avoid blogging (that, and a bit of laziness). So I’ve got oodles of admiration for the women whose blogs I read (and have grown friendships with), the ones who have impressive careers and beautiful blogs as well as recipes that make you wish you could live forever just so you can carry on eating (cringe, but so true).  
My family were the route cause of these tahini ice cream “half” sandwiches. Being away from blogging has meant extra time to dip flatbreads in mixtures of mulberry molasses and tahini, and then finally giving up and placing the jars on the table for potential (frequently occurring) top ups.

The sweet pungency of Mulberry is softened with tahini paste, as its stirred, the whole thing comes together as a fruity, nutty, runny sauce called Pekmez. Just as the ripples in Halva are made with mulberry molasses, so too is the topping for these tahini ice creams - it’s a good way to keep the flavours distinct, and it’s good for eliminating one or the other, if the sight/sound of one freaks you out a bit.

No Churn Tahini Ice Cream with Mulberry Molasses

300ml double cream
200ml condensed milk
50ml tahini (sesame paste)
Pinch of sea salt
4 graham crackers, split in half plus crumbs for sprinkling

Makes 8 ice cream scoops

Using a balloon whisk or freestanding mixer with the whisk attached, whisk everything but the crackers & molasses together until thick and glossy. Pour in a deep dish, cover with cling film and leave to set overnight. Scoop onto half a cracker, drizzle with molasses and crushed graham crackers before serving. 

Other stuff that’s been going on:

The boyfriend and me made artisan chocolate in the middle of a huge shopping mall in London, namely Stratford Westfields. A pastry chef who trained at The Ritz showed us the ways with chocolate aaaaand it was free (!). The best part was finally getting to grips with chocolate moulds, it turns out that the secret to a non hole-y homemade chocolate is to finger the outer rim with a gloved finger until its completely coated. Also, learning how to simply temper chocolate without dirtying up large surface areas by simply adding cooled chocolate to melted chocolate.

Two Red Bowls made the courgette cake of all courgette cakes. Its fluffy instead of soggy, and totally puts mine to shame.  Cynthia, I’m making your courgette cake from now on.

Love Em xx


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! What a fantastic recipe. Now I want to know where you found graham crackers...

  2. Thanks Lucy! These ones are from my trip to America, BUT, tesco sells them for £5! X


  3. Thank you very much for such a lovely and informative post.

  4. It is really interesting, I hope everybody lick this Post.

  5. When I think of Tahini I think of hummus ! The photographs look absolutely stunning though.
    Welcome back to blogging :) You have been missed! L x


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