Monday, 20 August 2012

Cotton & Crumbs Hat Box Cake Class

Cotton and Crumbs Hat Box Cake
On Sunday the wonderful Tracy James travelled all the way from Birmingham to London to teach at Faircake. Tracey is the founder of the original award winning boutique cake company, Cotton and Crumbs. She also teaches classes from home, and that experience showed itself prominent when she came to Faircake to teach the Hat Box Cake to a group of 8 students. Her teaching style was relaxed and comforting and Tracy made damn sure to keep the tough bits seem easy. The class also gave me the opportunity to practice my photography skills. Though, to be honest - As opposed to natural lighting, shutter speed, ISO and apparture, I definitely think the cakes do all the work here!
Tracey James' Beautiful Rose out of florist paste
Hard at work - Tracey James demonstrating 
Lastly, I'm very excited to mention that I have secured work experience at Delicious Magazine for 2013! I'm especially looking forward to it because its not just about baking, but the magazine covers the whole darn foody spectrum! 
Keep your eyes pealed for yet another class by C & C in up coming posts, and maybe even a white chocolate Victoria sponge cake!
Students finished masterpieces!


  1. Wow!!! Great work!

  2. Wow, your cake looks amazing! Thanks for joining my blog.

  3. Thank you Asma!
    And that's no problem miss flash! you have a lovely blog

  4. Wow this is so pretty, you did a great job!! I'll have to check those classes out!!! :-)

  5. They are pretty arent they! unfortunately i cant take the credit for any of these cakes ! i was just the photographer :) you should deffo check the classes out.
    em x


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