Saturday, 30 March 2013

Easter Egg Decorating at Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Easter Eggs 
I am, like a lot of hormonal women, a huge lover of chocolate. So colossal is this reputable love of chocolate that my go-to bar is far from fancy. Yes, I probably consume Cadbury’s on a daily basis and yes, I am aware of how much of a low class foodie this makes me and no, I am not proud.

So you can imagine how enthralled I was to be invited by Achica to visit the fancy pancy all things delicate and delicious Rococo Chocolates for a class. So I don’t know if you know, but did YOU KNOW that this is where NIGELLA LAWSON goes chocolate shopping?! Let me take you back to that weeknight on the sofa… wine in one hand, remote control in the other - you just switched  over to  Food Network & caught a seductive glimpse of Nigella strolling along Kensington High St (the big red bus place) and she just *casually* pops into a little bespoke shop? Well…Rococo’s is one of them!

Founded in 1983 by Chantel Coady (French?), Rococo Chocolates are the equivalent to Olympic gold medallists in the culinary world. Find them perched in 4 very posh locations in London and Chester, but don’t let this put you off - because the chocolate basically tastes of gold - actual gold.

The purpose of the class was to educate on chocolate and (mine & the boyfriend’s most fun part) decorate Easter eggs! Oh how fitting, no longer do I have to make any hot cross buns for the blog which means Easter = SORTED at mbakes. What is the point of Easter anyway? I’m such a selfish blogger.

Everyone's eggs were so creative & the shop truly lived up to its high expectations , so let me take you on a photo journey of Rococo’s Chocolates… 
Rococo chocolate bars, aren't they gorgeous? 
Oot oooot
Rococo's Mini Eggs - the god of all mini eggs with salted caramel filling!
Bottom left is my take on a Rococo cocoa bean...
Rococo's eggs clearly brought out my creative side
Rococo's beautiful (and delicious) selection of sprinkles and wafers
Anyone for an Earl Grey?
My faith officially restored in the 'cupboard under the stairs'
Rococo's eggs standing on their own two feet - so to speak
So that's it, one of the finest chocolate shops in London - done! Happy Easter everyone, eat yourself into obesity, you're worth it.
Love Em xx


  1. Oh you're so lucky (and I'm SO jealous!) It sounds like an amazing experience and your Easter eggs look fab :)

    1. Thank you, make sure you make your way down there!

  2. This looks absolutely brilliant and so much fun!

  3. what a dream way to spend a day...they look fab!
    My Cupcake Habit

    1. Kat& CG, it was very dream like in there! x

  4. These have just made my mouth water, they are incredible! Wish I had the creative skills and oppertunities which you do! XX

    Hannah; Glitter and Sparkle

    1. thank you! although there was definitely no creative input on my behalf. you have a lovely blog! x


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