Sunday, 4 November 2012

Christmas cupcake, Rose Cake and DR Oetker

I haven't had the time to do much baking this week, instead I present you with a few of my fave pics I've taken this week. I lie. They're not my fave, they're actually the only pictures I've taken - but I did take about a hundred of each variation! They do, however, reflect what I've been doing this week and that is...going to uni and working, quite mundane yes. The Christmas cupcake will be being taught at Faircake in 2 weeks time, and the Dr Oetker stuff...well...I just thought they looked pretty all jumbled together like that as opposed to on a cupcake or in a cake. Look out for Peggy's chocolate heaven cupcake somewhere on the blog this week, I'm due on girls so they will DEFINITELY be here!
Love Emxx

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  1. Shirley@bells-bakery10 November 2012 14:22

    Just stumbled across your blog, love finding new blogs :) I am loving that second picture, dr.oetker sprinkle heaven! You are totally after inspiring me to up my photogaraphy game :)


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