Thursday, 1 November 2012

Cocoa Boutique - The Chocolates That Never Made It

Right this second, I am irrationally scared for my life. I think I might have just eaten remnants of dog piss and am on my way to being blind. I can already feel certain pigments deteriorating before my poor, poor sight.  I was just taking some pictures of these choccy’s in my back garden, working quickly - obviously- because my mouth was salivating from the dark tones of chocolate my nose was occasionally catching behind the lens. You can probably guess what happened next. It’s probably happened to you as well, and when it happened to you, you were quick to convince yourself of the 5 second rule just to subside any guilt you may have felt from literally just eating a bit of food covered in a layer of floor dirt. Have you guessed what happened yet? It was atrocious. I even let out a squeal, life is so unfair.

I did get a little taste of the little banana milk chocolate drop though, I didn’t really pick up any banana flavour but bear in mind that the chocolate’s weren't at room temperature so mild flavours would be less easy to spot. I may not have got to taste any of the chocolates (that damn wind!), but I was impressed by the packaging - unfortunately this is where my review ends. It would be unfair to go any further without having a taste! Hope you enjoy looking through the pictures, after being so excited by the elegant packaging; it really was a let-down that my chocolates were subject to a life on the dirty pavements of Belvedere.  
Love Em xx


  1. Katherine Baker1 November 2012 17:06

    these chocolates look amazing! shame they ended up going to waste x

  2. These look gorgeous! Shame what happened :(

  3. Aww I'm sorry for you, we just got a box but ours were all different. When are you getting your next box?

    1. its not too bad, probably best for the belly! what did you have in your box? do you get a monthly box? x


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