Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Chocolate Coated Lavender Caramels

Today, I am guest posting for one of my favourite ever (quite literally) food sites, Food 52, woohoo! 

Chocolate coated (that’s right) lavender (that’s right again, I perfumed up some melting sugar) CARAMELS. 
If you’ve managed to mentally block the cringiest holiday alive gracing us with its eary stomach churning love-scented presence this Friday, then please, ignore my heart shaped caramels. 

Or don’t. Because the caramels taste toooo damn gooooood.  
The recipe for these buttery beauts can be found in Food52’s Small Batch column, which they asked me to write a recipe for. What followed was an overly excitable reply with far too many exclamation marks within. Enough for them to question what they just got themselves in for. I'm still secretly embarrassed. Openly embarrassed now. Its fine, really. 
Caramels are one of the easiest confections to get to grips with, you can make them with just a few cupboard ingredients and they’ll take up just a smidge of your weekday schedule before THE BIG DAY. 

You can omit the chocolate coating, but how are you going to stick lavender garnish in the center of your hearts if you do that? 

Chocolate Coated Lavender Caramels
Happy Valz Day for Friday!
Love Em xx


  1. Helen @ Scrummy Lane15 February 2014 17:55

    I love these photos you've posted ... especially the one of you pouring the caramel. Yum ... that really sells it to me! Beautiful idea to make homemade caramels using lavender! Sounds very romantic indeed!

  2. I use too many exclamation marks in everything :) It's really exciting, well done on the feature of Food 52, that's amazeballs x

  3. Loving the layout of your blog it's so beautiful! And those chocolates look amazing too!

    Would appreciate if you checked out my blog

  4. I love this post and your blog in general. Your posts always make me feel so hungry and always look beyond yummy! Your photos are amazing. What camera do you use?
    Beth x


    1. Thank you Bethan!! I use a Canon 60D, you can read more about it in my about section :)

  5. sounds like a lovely flavor!


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