Thursday, 16 February 2012

Sea Woo & Macro Review

Today I took a trip to Macro and Sea Woo in Charlton (South East London). If you’ve yet to experience Macro then envision it as a humungous warehouse full of stuff sold in multiples at a time, at reasonably cheap prices (until they include VAT at the till). The confectionary aisle is likened to that of a sweet heaven - towering shelves stacked with penny sweets, chocolate bars, pre easter - easter eggs, mints, nuts and pure indulgence. I didn’t buy much because I feared of triple weight gain in a matter of seconds. Anyway this is what I bought (see below) and I well can’t wait to rip it open and shower myself in this fine arse powder.

Sea Woo is a Chinese supermarket, it was great in there! They sold anything from 100 frozen spring rolls for £1.80 (BARGAIN!!), to vacuumed pigs feet with the nail still firmly attached. It was wonderful, and we went a bit crazy and decided to buy loads of biscuity/creamy snacks. It was the brightly coloured packaging that lured us in.

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