Sunday, 13 May 2012

Primrose Birthday Cake & Vanilla Cupcakes

Primrose Bakery Chocolate and White Chocolate Buttercream Birthday Cake
This weekend we celebrated my lovely ol' mum's birthday! It was simply marv, Jamies Italian followed by a gorgeous chocolate cake with white chocolate buttercream from Primrose Bakery, followed by some confetti plain vanilla cupcakes I quickly baked up for absolutely no reason. The recipe for the confetti cupcakes is simply the sponge from the previous Stroke Association Cupcakes post, with 2 tablespoons of multicoloured sugar strands added! Also a dead simple icing on top! (one that I'm sure you foodies can guess by the pictures!) Keep your eyes pealed for (possible) Miette Ginger Snaps on my blog this week, and PLENTY of beautiful Faircake creations that will no doubt be published! Happy Birthday Mum x 

Me & Mama (excuse my face!)
The family!

Mbakes x


  1. Fabulous looking cakes...the cupcakes are so colourful!! I didn't realise you could order cakes from Primrose Bakery but it looks fab! :-)

  2. it was bloody delicious as well! i think theyre my favourite bakery now..
    felt slightly sad when it was cut...

  3. What a beautiful little cakes! This is a very good bakery. I have never tried it before.

  4. You should go there! There are 2 in London !

  5. How much was the primrose bakery cake?


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